A nite devoted to the vinyl sounds of one of the most talented quartet of musicians in Post-Punk history: Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, David J. and Kevin Haskins. 

This collective of musicians originally known as BAUHAUS, soon splintered into a handful of equally talented groups, such as LOVE & ROCKETS, TONES ON TAIL, DALI'S CAR, THE SINISTER DUCKS and THE JAZZ BUTCHER, and have also released a handful of remarkable solo records, (as well as weird and wonderful collaborations with the likes of Alan Moore, Rene Halkett and others). On this night, you will also hear the band's punk & goth contemporaries (Joy Division, ThTo the best of my knowledge, PART TIME P NKS' annual KRAUTROCK NITE is the only one of its kind (at least in this country). And it's certainly the only place yer gonna find members of Best Coast, Moving Units, Deathday, Upsilon Acrux, Chelsea Wolfe, Imaad Wasif and more...coming together to form NEU!, FAUST, CAN & LA DUSSELDORF cover bands!

This is a serious nite of music folks--one that was booked FIVE months ago, with all of these bands working out their sets & practicing since then! So. FYI...here's the break-down on who comprises the bands:

NEU! and FAUST tributes are performed by members of BEST COAST, MOVING UNITS, UPSILON ACRUX & BAD DUDES

CAN tribute is comprised of members of UPSILON ACRUX, JAPANTIES, CHELSEA WOLFE, GRANDPIRE & TES ELATIONS with IMAAD WASIF as their jaw-dropping vocalist, channeling equal parts Malcolm Mooney and Damo Suzuki.

TANGERINE DREAM tribute is composed of members of DEATHDAY (and loads and loads of analog synths).

And, of course, the whole nite will wrap up with a Krautrockcentric dance party--meaning you'll be hearing tracks by Stereolab, Broadcast, Clinic, Spiritualized, Loop, This Heat, Heldon and other Krautrock-influenced bands mixed in with Kraftwerk, Cluster, Harmonia, Holger Czukay, La Dusseldorf, Amon Duul, Popol Vuh, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schultze, Conrad Schnitzler Moebius, Roedelius and all the rest...ma, The Birthday Party), and a smattering of the bands' heroes & influences (Velvets, Bowie, Eno, R xy Music, T-Rex, New York Dolls).

With Guest DJ Boss Harmony aka David Orlando from Punky Reggae Party & Dub Club

And of course Cut Out Peter Murphy will be there courtesy of PTP photog, Dylan Gordon aka D-M-A-X, for all your endless dancefloor contortions and photo op demands...