Electro pioneers ADULT. return to Los Angeles for the first time in 3 years, celebrating the release of a dark and devastating new LP, "The Way Things Fall" on Ghostly Records. Founded in 1998 and often (mistakenly) lumped into the Electroclash movement, the band are even more accurately described as Synthpunk or even Minimal Synth or Minimal Wave. Fusing analog synths with punk aggression and sparse 808 beats, the band were releasing these records well over a decade before a term like "M nimal Wave" was even coined. All to say...ADULT. are a band who have always been out of time. Still pioneers, innovators and true artists. And PTP is proud to welcome them back to Lost Angeles for the first time in more than half a decade.

Listen to ADULT.:
http:// www.adultperiod.com/ videos.html

Wierd Records' enfant terrible, FRANK ALPINE, makes his long-overdue return to Part Time Punks. Just back from an extensive European tour, Frank comes armed with an arsenal of new tracks, real darkness and true threat. Or, to paraphrase the Wierd Records bio: "While the atmosphere and gritty electronics might hearken to certain strains of industrial music or power electronics [...] this is an eccentric loner squealing from inside the decay, making noise with a pulse that’s paranoid and mechanical, yet un istakably human."

https://soundcloud.com/ selftitledmag/sets/ frank-alpine-frank-alpine

Brooklyn duo by way of London, VON HAZE, are the latest transplants to the booming synth scene of Lost Angeles. Equally ominous and blissful, these are synthscapes interwoven with driving Suicide-style beats and bits of buzzsaw guitar. Both of the band's EPs (on Hippos In Tanks) and their LP (on Pendu Sound) are produced by Richard Fearless of Death In Vegas, so both Primal Scream and Spiritualized's fuzzy and blissful collaborations with Fearless come bzzzzzing to mind...

Listen to VON HAZE:
http://www.vonhaze.com/ page3.html

SILENT SERVANT aka Juan Mendez, one of the chaps responsible for DOWNWARDS RECORDS, home of Tropic Of Cancer, DVA Damas (aka one of PTP's favorite record labels), brings dark slabs of vinyl for the fray as PTP Guest DJ. (And in the meantime, check out his breathtaking debut LP, which is the link between early electronic, post-punk, noise and the modern brand of industrial-strength techno and nihilistic industrial music. For fans of Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Front 242, Skinny Puppy...and switchbl des.)