Several years ago Dark Entries reissued the 1986 debut LP by ELEVEN POND. Long sought after by collectors, the Rochester, NY band only released a single LP in their time together before dissolving into obscurity. Their sound, a merging of post punk, dark dance and synthpop full of melodic arrangements, reflected the originality of gifted songwriters who met in art school with a shared interest in 4AD and Factory Records. Reformed and fronted by Jeff Gallea, PTP is honored to offer the sta e to a stunning band, who only now are receiving attention they deserved two decades ago... (and FYI, their new tunes are even better)
Free downloads + listen to ELEVEN POND:
http:// elevenpond.bandcamp.com/

SOME EMBER are a dark lush landscape of brooding, swirling post punk cold wave minimalism, all pulsing muted synths, spare percussion, shimmery atmospheres, thick, crumbling industrial swells, hushed melancholic melodies, all blurred into a murky, washed out dirge pop dreamscape. These are the sounds of low-life, black celebration and disintegration.
Listen to SOME EMBER:
http:// someember.bandcamp.com/

Synth. Drum Machine. Dreams. This is CONTINUES, dreamy synthpop project of Dan Gatto of Babyland.
Listen to CONTINUES:
http:// www.thisiscontinues.com/