PART TIME PUNKS is proud to present a Mini-Fest devoted to one of the most innovative and influential labels in the world right now: MANNEQUIN RECORDS. Founded in 2008 in Italy, and recently relocated to Berlin, the Mannequin label was created in order to publish, distribute and spread music from the Cold Wave, Dark Wave, Minimal Synth and Post Punk area, with the purpose of bringing back to life and propose bands from this mostly undiscovered world. Five years in, the label remains faith ul to the spiritĀ of DIY, with each of its releases published in ultra limited artful packaged and hand numbered editions.
NEWCLEAR WAVES is essentially the solo project of Alessandro Adriani, mind and boss of Mannequin Records, one of the most important synth wave / cold wave labels around. Deeply influenced by the works of the early minimal electronics sounds on Mute Records and 4AD, Newclear Waves is exploring droned out electro pop territories with an interest for a refreshing hyperactive 80s New Wave. finding his own identity somewhere between Snowy Red, The Normal and the first Human League.
https://soundcloud.com/ newclear-wave
Glacial, barren and difficult, OCTAVIUS arrives in stark contrast to synth pop derived efforts of recent fashion. Informed directly by Bowie’s Low, New Order’s Movement and, as always, Tricky’s Pre-Millennium Tension.“ This is the sound of synth hitting the streets, of hard concrete & urban decay.
Listen to OCTAVIUS:
http://octaviusnet.com/ album/laws
DEATHDAY was constructed from the aggressive textures of early industrial music, the ambience of cold wave and shoegaze, and the carnal energy of post-punk. With releases on Downwards, Mannequin and Sweating Tapes, and a full length LP in the works, the only question is how long until the rest of the country tunes in to the fact that Deathday are one of the best new bands in the country. (That, and for how much longer will we tolerate mass murder?)
Listen to DEATHDAY:
https://soundcloud.com/ deathdayla
THE PRESENT MOMENT achieves a stunning hybridation and an infectious blend of dense cold-wave’s electro grooves, cyclical droning interferences, vigorous epic industrialism, dolorous nocturne-goth weirdness superbly sustained by a seductive eighties flavor. Ritualistic in nature, the whole musical trip offers a dark, delightful and rather unique breathtaking atmosphere, sometimes revealing enthralling lysergic electro-ambiences. The Present Moment is situated in an in-between and non stabilized music l region which authorizes astonishing connections.
http:// thepresentmoment.bandcamp.c om/
LIGHT HOUSE are down, drowned sounds. Minimal synths and reverb-steeped guitars washed out in space and underwater. With Chris Relyea, an ex member from The Rapture on instrumentation and one of PTP's original dance crew from 2005 or so, Dawn Sharp, on stunning drop dead vocals. Fans of Mushy, Dead Can Dance, and "Pygmalion" era Slowdive, rejoice.
Listen to LIGHT HOUSE:
https://soundcloud.com/ light-house
SECONDS are the brand new project/brainchild of Robert Lane, founder of //TENSE// (and more recently, member of VOWS). These are the sounds of EBM. Electronic Body Music for the mind. Harsh, damning beats and layers of analog electronics. This will be SECONDS first performance. Until then, listen to //TENSE//. You have been warned.
Listen to //TENSE//:
https://soundcloud.com/ bngwednesdays br> Los Angeles synthgazers TROPIC OF CANCER have released three 10” singles through the much revered Downwards label, as well as a recent EP on Blackest Ever Black, The Sorrow Of Two Blooms. Following a lengthy European tour with HTRK last fall, UK press described Tropic Of Cancer’s sound as “melting gothic ambiance with shoegaze grit, resulting in a blissed-out drone,” and their latest EP on Mannequin finds the band expanding and enriching their sound. The band’s sparse, synthga e soundscapes invoke Factory Records’ producer, Martin Hannett’s coldest, crispest productions, while singer Camella Lobo’s ensnare and unfold in shades of Nico, Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine. These are the songs for the loveless.
https://soundcloud.com/ search?q=%22tropic+of+cance r%22