Hailed for pioneering post-punk, indie-dance music – a sound often reflected by today’s contemporaries, Los Angeles’ MOVING UNITS, now ten years into their career, are set to release a new LP. From the push and pull that ensues during an unspoken attraction, to the dynamic of living in Los Angeles - a city of symbolism and paraphernalia of glamour, versus the desperation and disillusionment of the people who aspire to such entrapments…tension is everywhere. These are their rhythms.

http:// movingunits.bandcamp.com/ album/ moving-units-music-player

Evolution is a tricky word when discussing current trends in music, especially when it comes to sophomore albums. The critically lauded “BLOUSE,” the 2011 debut from the Portland band of the same name was a lush, melodic and dreamy affair spiked with whoozy synths and delicate vocals. For “Imperium,” their 2nd LP for Captured Tracks, Blouse have shed the synths, done away with drum machines and wrote and recorded with “instruments that don’t plug into the wall,” as enforced by bandmember/producer Jacob Portrait. Warm but also kind of spooky and imposing, you want to stay there for longer than you’re invited. Thankfully, it’s ok to flip it over and listen to it again.

Listen to BLOUSE:
http:// www.blouseblouse.com/music
SOME EMBER are a dark lush landscape of brooding, swirling post punk cold wave minimalism, all pulsing muted synths, spare percussion, shimmery atmospheres, thick, crumbling industrial swells, hushed melancholic melodies, all blurred into a murky, washed out dirge pop dreamscape. These are the sounds of low-life, black celebration and disintegration.

Listen to SOME EMBER:
http:// someember.bandcamp.com/

FEATHERS is a dreamy electronic pop band from Austin, TX. With pulsing synths and siren-sung harmonies, Feathers' goth-hued electro pulsates with echoes of New Order, The Cure and Depeche Mode. Or, as The Guardian describes the band's debut LP from earlier this spring: “'Land Of The Innocent's' dystopian future-world aesthetic with a pop sensibility and rhythms tough enough to pass muster in the realm of the industrial… makes you wonder why there hasn't been such an all-female group before."