Dirty Snapshots

Jesse Barron cut his teeth (among other things) documenting the teeming LA-deathrock scene in a series of candid interviews and live recordings from the trenches, starting in 2005. Among his first interviews were synth punk pioneers and deathpunk torchbearers like Nervous Gender, 45 Grave, CD 1334 (comprised of former prominent members of Christian Death), and Burning Image. Jesse’s passion for the fusion of music and film lead him to capture over 100 live performances for his personal collection. In early 2012, Jesse began working for Magic Monster Radio, documenting their in-studio and live performances and joining them in Austin, TX for SXSW. During his time with Magic Monster, he’s talked about UFOs with Mark Burgess of ChameleonsVox, discussed parental pride with Tearist, and captured post-punk rising stars Deathday at their most primal. A love of post-punk resulted in Jesse being a regular at Part Time Punks, often with camera in hand. This caught the attention of Dirty Snapshots founder Dylan Gordon who invited Jesse to join in snaring his gritty vision of the modern post-punk scene. Translating Dirty Snapshot’s grainy, vintage aesthetic to film comes naturally for Jesse due to his DIY background. Jesse looks forward to continuing to support independent artists and completing his bachelor’s degree in Television/Film from CSULA in spring 2013.